The Loveahappyending Lifestyle downloadable emag is here!

The moment of truth. Can a group of people who share a passion, pull together to produce an e-magazine? Well, I have to say the answer is a definitive ‘yes’ and we have been raising a toast to our newest arrival. For those of you who have followed the Loveahappyending journey, you will know that […]

Dream A Little Dream…

She’s a busy lady, but I managed to track her down … but first, a few things I have discovered about author Sue Moorcroft: You don’t like Christmas (well, you like the return to normality afterwards); you like David Bowie amongst a whole host of other singers and bands (and Ian Dury yay!); you love Formula […]

A Little Bit of Madness – No rest for the wicked

Today sees the launch of A Little Bit of Madness at loveahappyending – the third of a three-book contract published through Safkhet Publishing. Anyone who has read my previous books would know I like to inject humour into my writing, hoping to provide people a little escapism and also, importantly to me, to leave the […]

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Bookshelf Reviews – what the readers say!

Welcome to Bookshelf Reviews This is the feature that brings you the latest reviews and reader opinions on Loveahappyending Featured Author’s books – helping you to discover an outstanding new book Kit Domino is a writer, an artist and an occasional poet Kit says: “Too much imagination is never enough” Kindle Book Review says […]

Best of Loveahappyending Loves Music 2012

  Over the past year, Loveahappyending Loves Music investigated the musical leanings and experiences of our wonderfully varied cadre of featured authors and associate readers. We made some astonishing discoveries… folks meeting famous rock singers, eclectic tastes, memories reaching back all the way to the days of ‘real’ records. As we move on with 2013, […]

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“Here we go again, my lovely!” Launch Day for Sophie’s Run

Come on Tour with Sophie and Dan: Celebrating the Launch of Sophie’s Run “Well, here we are again, my lovely.” Or so the butler, James, addresses Miss Sophie in the classic ten-minute play, Dinner for One. “Same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?” If you don’t know this sketch that amuses thousands of German people […]

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Chocks Away with Sheryl Browne

I am horribly excited about today’s interview because I know it’s going to be extremely entertaining. It has to be, because it’s with the effervescent Sheryl Browne. Take a peak at the photograph. That gives you some idea of what this lady gets up to when she isn’t writing best-sellers. Sheryl, I know you have […]

Ali Bacon doesn’t intend hanging about

  I have taken off my rallying crash helmet and raced over to interview today’s guest – a lady who is always on the go. She’s a keen golf player and, so a little bird told me, is also a ballroom dancer. It is my great pleasure to be sitting opposite fellow ThornBerry Publishing author, […]

Interviewing Kitty D. Bullard from Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing

Today I’m talking to Kitty D. Bullard from GMTA publishing, to find out more about this great publishing team and to chat about their submission process, amongst other things…   Welcome Kitty! It’s lovely to have you here with us! Can you tell us a little about why you set up GMTA? When I first started getting into the […]

Kit’s Corner

Over the coming months I will be bringing you lots of tips and hints, links and advice on writing and editing, starting with a few excellent websites, blogs and books some of the authors use as a means of reference, and often the first place they turn to when looking for guidance on any […]

Bookshelf Reviews – a celebration of fabulous reviews!

Welcome to Bookshelf Reviews This is the feature that brings you the latest reviews and reader opinions on one of our Loveahappyending Featured Author’s books – helping you to discover an outstanding new book Sheryl Browne review gets 5/5 on with ‘Somebody to Love’ Sheryl says: “I write Romantic Comedy because life is […]

Cover reveal for The Fallen Stars!

Today we are celebrating the cover reveal for The Fallen Stars by author Stephanie Keyes! But first, if you haven’t read The Star Child, the first book in this trilogy – read on! “Imaginative and fast-paced. Couldn’t put it down!” – E.G. Foley, New York Times Bestselling author of The Gryphon Chronicles “This well-written and […]

Re-launch of Shades of Appley Green

Who or what inspires your characters? A Whiter Shade of Appley Green! Friends and family often think they recognise my characters. If you are an author, have you found this? An old friend said she could see a lot of me in Kay, the main character in Gypsies Stop tHere and No Gypsies Served. My […]

With friends like these…

  Q. I have a friend who has been my friend since childhood, but isn’t a very good one. She is selfish (always makes me do the traveling when we see each other; insists I come to her events but always has an excuse why she can’t come to mine), sometimes says things that hurt […]

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Talking to author Carol E. Wyer about roots…

Roots are important. They’re what anchor you… what define you. I’m going to talk to fellow authors and associate readers to find out what it is about them that’s made them who they are. Today’s guest is fellow Featured Author, Carole E Wyer. Since one of my interests is genealogy, why don’t we start […]

No pre-conceptions, no experience – want to write!

We’re talking to author Linn B Halton, who is celebrating the launch of Never Alone, her fifth novel in just under two years. We asked Linn about mixing genres and the competition running to celebrate the launch… “The wonderful things about starting something new is that you have no pre-conceptions. So when I sat down […]

Bookshelf Reviews – Mandy Baggot

Welcome to Bookshelf Reviews This is the feature that brings you the latest reviews and reader opinions on one of our Loveahappyending Featured Author’s books – helping you to discover an outstanding new book Introducing: Mandy Baggot Mandy Baggot brings you award-winning fiction! In 2012 she won the coveted Innovation in Romantic Fiction award […]

Talking to Catrin Collier about ‘writing dangerously’

Today I’m talking to a wonderful author who captivated us as the keynote speaker in June 2012 at loveahappyending’s Summer Audience. Times flies and I thought it was about time we caught back up with Catrin and found her, as usual, writing dangerously… “Dorothy Parker once famously said (forgive me, I can’t recall the quote […]

Anneli Purchase talks about treasures, hopes and her “to do” list.

    Today, I am delighted to chat to Anneli Purchase who lives on Vancouver Island. I love looking at her photographs and have location envy (if there is such a condition). Her photos make rural Staffordshire look pretty tame by comparison. Anneli’s novels involve relationships that develop in unusual settings, on the wild and […]

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The Loveahappyending year in books…

2012 was quite a year – so much to celebrate amongst our group of new authors and associate readers! For the website it was an exciting year with the launch of The Loveahappyending Bookshelf where some of our independently published authors come together with the traditional publishers to spread the word about some great books! […]

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