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The Wind Weeps: a novel

Andrea is young and energetic. She dreads following in the footsteps of her parents, whose suburban middle-class life she compares to a boring, hamster-cage existence. She leaves big-city boredom in Ontario to search for love and adventure on B.C.’s sparsely populated, rugged coast.

The ocean is full of life and danger. B.C.’s forests, rivers, and mountains abound with wildlife. Add to that mix, wild winter weather, windstorms, and rain. Surviving in this rough, nearly pristine coastal area is a challenge that appeals to adventurous souls.

As she seeks independence and romance, the love of two men and a woman leads Andrea into the world of commercial fishing where she meets her first love, Jim. But he seems to have dropped her. Devastated, she is charmed by the handsome Robert and is drawn into a rough life alternating between savage beauty and serenity.

Andrea learns to hunt, fish, and survive in the wilderness. But her husband has a dark side that brings terror and threatens her survival. Will old loves and newly acquired wilderness skills be enough to save her?

This is a Canadian tale of love, betrayal, and triumph, told with gusto, humour, and bold insight.

Orion’s Gift : A novel

While camping in the exotic landscape of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, Kevin and Sylvia, both on the run from abusive relationships, meet and fall in love. Two things stand in the way of their happiness. One—the secrets they keep from each other. Two—their abusers hunting them down. Will fear drive them apart or will passion and trust surmount the violence and hostility they have endured?”



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