Another Author signs a publishing contract!

Today we are congratulating featured author Nicky Wells who has just signed a contract with Sapphire Star Publishing!

We’ve been following SSP after interviewing them for our blog on 4 February 2012, click here to read the full  Interview with Amy Lichtenhan and we realised that this new publisher was, indeed, a trail-blazer!

In Amy’s words “We are very excited to have opened our doors. Sapphire Star is a small press committed to bringing readers the finest in new fiction. There are so many amazing stories out there that remain untold, and we strive to find talented authors (old and new) with a passion for their work so we can help them share their stories with the readers who will love them. We publish all genres of fiction, but we especially love our Happily Ever Afters!”

Other featured authors who have recently signed with them are Mandy Baggot and Linn B Halton. We are delighted to see that Sophie’s Turn will be a part of SSP’s list and know that Nicky is absolutely thrilled to bits!

Of course, we couldn’t share our news without an interview with the star of the day, so over to Sophie:-

Isn’t life crazy sometimes?  Just two days ago, I was reading Nicky’s feature posted in Kit’s Corner right here on the  blog, tracing Nicky’s journey towards publishing the story of me, Sophie, and my surprising double engagement to boyfriend Tim and rock star Dan… and suddenly, there’s news all over Twitter and Facebook that Sapphire Star Publishing has signed Sophie’s Turn.  I can tell you, I had to sit down with a nice sweet cup of tea! (Well, it was only 11 am!)


I am totally over the moon!  I am so very excited!  My story, to be published by the trailblazing new US publisher, Sapphire Star!  Really, I couldn’t have wished for a better home for Sophie’s Turn.  I hear that SSP is highly passionate about bringing readers the very best fiction, and that everyone is really friendly, motivated, professional, and dedicated.  What more could I wish for?


Of course, it’s a little scary, the thought of readers the world over getting hold of e-books or paperbacks with my story in it.  Will they start recognizing me in the street, I wonder, from my description that Nicky has put in the book?  Will I be famous?  Dan, naturally, is taking this all in his stride.  He is so used to being featured in rock magazines and newspapers and even on TV, it’s all water off a duck’s back to him.  Bless him!  Tim, on the other hand… I don’t know how he’ll take the news; he can be a bit touchy.  I did warn him, of course, that the story had been written and that it might be published soon but…  well, he didn’t really listen.  And my best friend Rachel is totally thrilled!  Just this minute, she sent me a text.  She said:  CONGRATULATIONS, HONEY!  Signed, and with the cool Sapphire Star, no less!!  Wow! But listen, if they ever turn this into a movie, I get to play myself, do you hear?? XX


So I guess I’m off to celebrate now!  But if you want to find out more about Nicky, you can go and visit her here:

Author page:
Nicky’s blog:
Nicky on Twitter: @WellsNicky
Nicky on Facebook:!/pages/Nicky-Wells/240322162658246


And for a limited time only, you can continue to buy Sophie’s Turn in Kindle edition from Amazon…  Then, after a short break, the book will be re-launched in September 2012! (buy): (buy):


To find out more about Sapphire Star Publishing: –
Twitter: @SapphireStarPub
Facebook Sapphire Star Publishing:

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  1. Chris Longmuir Says:

    This is fabulous news, Nicky. You must be so excited. Oh, and I’m having a cup of tea to keep you company. Best of luck with the launch in September.

  2. Rea Says:

    yayyyyy well done Nicky !!xXx

  3. Nicky Wells Says:

    Thanks so much, Chris and Rea! I am totally delighted! Thanks for your kind words, it’s lovely to have you share my excitement. XX Cheers!

  4. Talli Roland Says:

    Massive congrats to Nicky!

  5. Lavada Dee Says:

    Congratulation Nicky. Wishing you mega sales and lots of new fans.

  6. Nicky Wells Says:

    Hi Talli and Lavada, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! Wooohoooo! X

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