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Over the past year, Loveahappyending Loves Music investigated the musical leanings and experiences of our wonderfully varied cadre of featured authors and associate readers. We made some astonishing discoveries… folks meeting famous rock singers, eclectic tastes, memories reaching back all the way to the days of ‘real’ records. As we move on with 2013, it’s time to take a little stock and pull out the highlights of Loveahappyending Loves Music 2012!

Get ready for the ‘BEST OF’ the musical musings and shares of the authors and associate readers who were part of Loveahappyending throughout 2012. Ready? Excellent!

Loveahappyending Top Albums and Favourite Songs…

Patricia Sands ~ Adele—Set Fire To The Rain

Darlene Jones ~ Ricky Martin in his day – La Vida Loca especially

Jess Strassner ~ Originally, Jess offered “Change the Sheets” by Kathleen Edwards as her song of the week. A few short hours later, she emailed me: ‘Ohhhhhh I want to change my song of the week answer to REM – “We All Go Back To Where We Belong.” THAT is my song of the week. I looooove it.

Richard Holmes ~ Won’t Get Fooled Again, See Me Feel Me and Baba O’Reily by The Who.

Sue Uden ~ Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry’, Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’

Janice Horton ~ ILOVE ‘Smooth’ by Santana/Rob Thomas and never ever tire of it. It’s my daily workout music!

Bonnie Trachtenberg ~ “No One To Run With” by the Allman Brothers

Sheryl Browne ~ Adele’s ‘Set Fire to the Rain’

Kit Domino ~ Three top albums have to be Andrea Bocelli’s Romanza and Andrea, andRalph McTell’sStreets

Mandy Baggot ~ The Eagles, Greatest Hits Lady Gaga, The Fame ZZ Top, Greatest Hits

Lou Graham ~ Man or Muppet – The Muppets Movie (yes I know, shocking choice but it is so catchy!!!) Watch the YouTube video

Miriam Wakerly ~ Roberta Flack—The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Rea Sinfield ~ Jessie J Who’s Laughing Now

Lindsay Healy ~ ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ sung by the cast of Glee

Emma Calin ~ My favourite classical piece is The Pilgrims’ Chorus from Tannhäuser by Wagner. My favourite pop album is “PurgAtory Hill” by the band of the same name. For me, this is the essence of pure, raw, get-down-and-dirty, sexy blues-rock and has to be played really loud!

Sue Fortin ~ Come Around Sundown by Kings of Leon

Melanie Robertson-King ~ Somebody that I used to Know by Gotye

Lauren Howell ~ Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics

Kim Nash ~ Story of the Blues – The Mighty Wah

Nikki Bywater ~ Grease album from the film with John Travolta

Carol E. Wyer ~ Prince, 1999

Hobnobbing with the stars? Oh yeah, baby!

Jess Strassner ~ I’ve never met anybody BIG and famous, but I have met some people. I bumped into Tim from The Alternate Routes at the bar in the little venue where they played. I met Keaton Simons after he walked off the stage opening for Sister Hazel. I’ve also won tickets to radio station events and gotten to see some in-studio performances by Ryan Star and Switchfoot. I met Pat Monahan from Train at a hotel in Orlando – he was all dressed “in disguise” in a big cowboy hat and huge sunglasses but I recognized him anyway.

Kit Domino ~ I have met many as my first husband was a DJ, including met Ralph McTell, Freddie Mercury, Stevie Marriott, Roger Dawltry and I once went on a date with Dave Cousins of the Strawbs but doubt whether anyone here can remember them! No gossip on the grounds it might incriminate me!

Editor (after a moment of stunned silence) erupts in excited cheers. Freddie Mercury? Wow! Well when I heard that, I just had to get back with Kit to find out more. Here’s what she said: Freddie was your normal, average human being. Very nice, very polite. Mind, it was in the days before he was really famous; he had just released their first single, Seven Seas of Rye. I wish I’d had foresight to get his autograph, but it was something I never even thought about. Who knew, then, what great things he would go on to? It was a very sad loss to music when he died.

Melanie Robertson-King ~ I was about 14 when I went to see Chilliwack with my cousin and her girlfriend. The three of us snuck backstage after the concert and saw the guys in the band. They were really quite sweet, to my recollection, and we left with posters that they signed right then and there for us.

Nikki Bywater ~ I have met two of my favourite musicians, Mr Michael Ball and Mr Nik Kershaw. I had Nik Kershaw posters all over my bedroom walls and ceilings when I was a teen. I also have worked with a few that have now gone into acting, through my work.

Carol Wyer ~ Gossip? I’ve slept in Beyonce’s bed (Not with her of course!) I have drunk lager with the members of UB40 at the student’s union bar (in 1981) when they were recording a gig, before they became famous. And finally, I was asked out by one of the members of Big Country J when they performed at my Halls of Residence after I booked them. Did I accept? Not telling—just smirking.

Lindsay Healy ~ My favourite event was probably Ocean Colour Scene at a very small venue in Essen, Germany, and they weren’t as well known there as in the UK, I was a big fan then and got to meet them all and we were in the front row throughout!

Our favourite events and musical memories…


Richard Holmes ~ My favourite event was when I sang with a blues band called The Vindaloo Brothers at the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon in 2000. It was a millennium charity event over Friday and Saturday nights. We performed 4 songs and our Saturday performance was really “kick-ass”. The only down side was that the event was videoed on the Friday which was not such a good performance.

Sue Uden ~ The first thing I thought of in answer to this question was the lunchtime concerts that I used to go to, when I worked in London in the 70s/80s, at St. James’ Church in Piccadilly. I used to go in all stressed and twitchy, and come out all calm and floaty! Many years later with DH no 2 we went to The Albany in Deptford to see The Flying Pickets and probably some time soon after in the 1980s to the Hammersmith Palais to see BB King, both of which were a bit of a revelation to a stuck-at-home single mum who had a need to ‘get out more’.

Janice Horton ~ My favourite event is hard to choose for many reasons—but I think I’ll choose Meatloaf. When I was a teenager ‘Bat Out of Hell’ was the anthem of my youth so it meant a lot to see Meatloaf live in Glasgow a couple of years ago.

Bonnie Trachtenberg ~ Paul McCartney in concert at Citi Field (previously Shea Stadium). It was AWESOME!! He played and sang one classic song after another, gave an extremely energetic performance (has a lot more energy than I do!), and had great effects. It was a perfect, balmy summer evening—just heavenly!

Sheryl Browne ~ My first ever concert was The Who live on stage. Wow! Introduced to them by my brother, I knew every lyric of every song, from ‘My Generation’ to ‘Boris the Spider’; anything and everything from ‘Tommy’ and ‘Quadrophenia’. I remember we were standing quite close to the speakers – never a good idea at a rock concert – and we came away buzzing, literally! My only regret is that I didn’t get to see Pete Townsend smash up his guitar.

Mandy Baggot ~ Bryan Adams is an amazing performer, Lady Gaga, Pink and Simply Red were pretty special too. But if you’re pushing me I’m going to have to give it to Train. That concert was brilliant, I was right at the front and got given a special T-shirt. SWOON!

Lou Graham ~ Favourite events? Definitely a Bryan Adams concert—all equally as good as he just gets up and sings, none of this messing about getting changed etc!

Miriam Wakerly ~ Probably the one that had the most impact was The Beach Boys in the de Montford Hall in Leicester when I was 19, first year at Uni. Having been brought up in a quiet little place called Tetbury in Gloucestershire, this was so, so exciting! Those good vibrations—wow! Electrifying! Also I remember having a very small part in the chorus of Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas at my school in Tetbury—I was of course a witch! It was just amazing to go to a fabulous performance quite recently at Wellington College in Crowthorne, Berkshire. Brought it all back. Beautiful, haunting music.

Rea Sinfield ~ Top concert, now this is a touchy subject! I have never been to a music concert. I got excellent tickets for Michael Jackson, and he went and died on me! And then I had tickets to Whitney Huston but that concert was cancelled!!! I would love to see Jessie J in concert but looking at my personal luck I think I better steer clear as I prefer her alive!

Kim Nash ~ Taking my Mom to see Bryan Adams I think, her first introduction to rock! Bless her! I’d give anything to take her again but I lost her nearly 6 years ago now so not to be.

Emma Calin ~ The Baseballs concert at the O2 Academy was totally fun – it’s a small venue with no seats and so the whole audience was dancing and singing, many of them were wearing 50?s style outfits and I was very jealous of their lovely swirly skirts! The Baseballs are a rockabilly band from Germany made up of 3 Elvis impersonators and they do Elvis-style arrangements of current pop songs – sounds weird but it really works for me!

Sue Fortin ~ The first record, yes, record 45? vinyl, I paid for with my own money was Abba, Does Your Mother Know. I had to get one of my brothers to buy it though as we lived in the middle of nowhere, and I mean the middle of nowhere, we only saw a bus twice a week! So when he was going into town with his friends he bought it on my behalf. Think he took a bit of stick from his mates but, hey, I’m his little sis.

Patricia Sands ~ My first ever record? This will age me for certain. It was a 45 rpm single of Frankie Avalon singing “Venus”. Must have been 1958.

Well… and that, as they say, was it.

2012 turned out to be an amazing year of musical
relevations. Thank you to all the authors and
associate readers who took part in the series.

Let’s see what 2013 brings… Rock on!

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  1. Janice Says:

    Whar a fabulous feature – I loved this – and aren’t we an eclectic bunch! Rock on!

  2. jontybabe Says:

    I’m with Miriam on her choice! Love that song!

  3. Sheryl Browne Says:

    Did I mention I went to school with UB40. Yep, most of them were in my class or year. My lips are sealed. 😉 FAB post, Nicky. Love it. 🙂 xx

  4. Stephanie Keyes Says:

    Very cool. Nice to see everyone’s faves!

  5. Harvey Black Says:

    Great feature. I can remember chatting to Martin Fry, ABC fame, at ‘Checkpoint Charlie’, Berlin in the 80’s. Showing my age now! 🙂

  6. Melanie Robertson-King Says:

    This was a fun feature and it’s great to see everyone’s favourite songs. My iPod is quite the eclectic selection of tunes – everything from Scottish folk music through to Lady Gaga. I’ve even got Meatloaf on there.

    Back in 1993 when I made my first (and solo to boot, I must add) trip to Scotland, Meatloaf’s I Would Do Anything for Love was huge and it played a lot on the radio. I hadn’t heard it back home but when I returned to Canada, I wasn’t long buying the CD that song was on.

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