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This is the feature that brings you the latest reviews and reader opinions on one of our Loveahappyending Featured Author’s books – helping you to discover an outstanding new book

Sheryl Browne review gets 5/5 on with ‘Somebody to Love’

Sheryl says: “I write Romantic Comedy because life is just too short to be miserable”.

Tricia at says:  “A story of such substance and beauty. This story came as a wonderful surprise and I’ve been recommending it to friends, romance and non-romance lovers alike. If I could award this book more than five stars, I would surely do so”.

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Linn B Halton launched Never Alone with a Book Tour and a Twitter Party!

Linn Says: “Life, love and beyond, but it’s always about the romance…!”

An early reviewer on Amazon says: “Never Alone is Ms. Halton’s best novel yet! The reader is immediately hooked and it doesn’t let go until the very end, which I did NOT see coming!”

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Melanie Robertson King celebrated another 5 Star Review for A Shadow in the Past

Melanie says: “I’m Canadian by birth but Scottish in my heart”.

An Amazon reviewer said: “A charming time-slip love story with vivid description and authenticity throughout!”

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Emma Calin gets out a knock out review for Knockout

Emma says:  “Like many women, I have known the desert and the jungle of love”.

An Amazon reviewer says: “The writing is sterling, the love passionate, the plot ever thickening, the fear always just a gunshot away, and the characters tightly drawn and distinctive. Emma Calin writes winners. Knockout is one of them”.

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Stephanie Keyes reviewers can’t wait for her next book in the Star Child Series!

 Stephanie says: “Your next adventure in reading starts here…”

An Amazon reviewer gave 5 Stars to The Star Child and says: I’ve always been a fan of Irish and Celtic mythology, and the author does a wonderful job of both recreating that world and giving a storyline for the character to walk through while doing so. I’m disappointed I have to wait for (The Fallen Stars) but it’ll be worth it.

Luckily, The Fallen Stars is coming soon and you can join Team Starlighter HERE

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This Bookshelf Review feature has been edited for by Janice Horton.

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  1. Mandy Baggot Says:

    Fabulous reads and fantastic they are getting the reviews they deserve! I’ve either read them or they are lined up on my Kindle ready to go! Great stuff!

  2. Stephanie Keyes Says:

    Thanks Janice! It’s great seeing how well everyone’s books are doing!

  3. Nicky Wells Says:

    Fabulous feature, I love the review highlights and congrats to the authors for getting such fantastic accolades. You rock ~ and I look forward to more review features soon. Thanks, Janice!

  4. Sheryl Browne Says:

    Oh, my heart just lifts whenever I see Findus! Thank you so much, Janice. Fantastic stuff! 🙂 xx

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