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Every Step of the Way by Kit Domino

Every Step of the Way is available in both paperback and ebook formats. Paperback by FeedaRead and the ebook published by ThornBerry Publishing: a new publisher in the UK bringing innovative and exciting ideas to the novel world of epublishing.

Story Synopsis

Shortlisted for the Harry Bowling Prize 2004 and published this year to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Killer Smog: Set in West London during the 1950s it explores the many prejudices faced by young women during the post-war, teddy boy era and emerging coffee bar culture of that time.

In a brave new world where rationing had almost ended, the United Kingdom recovering from the Second World War when, on the 5th December 1952, a killer smog descended over London. The Capital was well known for its frequent fogs and smogs (it wasn’t called “The Smoke” for nothing) but none had ever seen smog of such magnitude as befell the city that winter’s afternoon. Lasting for four days, the Great Smog became one of the worst man-made air pollution disasters the world had known at that time, and probably since given the sheer number of people who died as a result. Reaching 4,000 in the first few weeks, during the following months the human death toll rose to over 12,000. To these figures must also be added the vast numbers of wildlife that perished.

No one realised the ramifications this dramatic event would leave behind or how it would change the course of history for millions of people. Some of those changes are well documented. The burning of smokeless fuels and the beginnings of the Clean Air Act that finally into force in 1956, for example, but many more went unrecorded; countless legacies the official records failed to mention or chose to ignore.

Beth Brixham’s battle to hold her family’s lives together in the aftermath is one such story.

Every Step of the Way has received some fabulous reviews. Hyperlinks are provided to verify the source of these reviews, which are just a small selection of what some book bloggers and readers have to say about this wonderful book:

Jo Watts – and Reviewer says: “It’s wonderful. Kit Domino has managed to recapture the essence and atmosphere of the 1950s and with her graphic descriptions of the London killer smog, I can taste and smell it as I read. Full of drama and emotion, the story centres around Beth, a teenager whose life is turned upside when she is left to cope with raising her younger sister. Times were tough back then, and we readily forget how difficult things were for young women, yet skilfully interwoven into the story Kit has created characters so real and alive striving to cope with the social and legal laws of that time and at the same time bring us a love story that touches the heart and the soul. ”

Andria Saxelby for the Kindle Book Review says: “The year is 1952 when London becomes shrouded in a menacing `pea-soup’ of a fog; the Great Smog of 1952. Beth is the plucky teenage protagonist who in the aftermath of the Great Smog is dealt a poor hand by fate and struggles against all odds and social prejudices to survive. From the descriptions and the style of dialogue and language used you are transported back in time; the smells, the music, the clothes and the sounds emit vivid nostalgic images from the `50s with its coffee bars, Teddy boys and Juke boxes spewing out the latest rock and roll hit chart busting hits.”

Lou Graham – Book Blogger says: “This book really made me think, would I have made the same choices Beth did if I was in her position and I can honestly say I think I would have done. A woman’s in-built strength to protect will always win our rational reason. I can see why this was shortlisted for the Harry Bowling prize in London in 2004, it’s not a gentle story, and it will grip you straight away with lots of twists and turns and could so easily be someone’s memoirs as it feel so real.”


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Kit Domino’s childhood was spent in West London alongside the banks of the River Thames, with Richmond, Kew and Osterley Parks as her extended playgrounds. Now living in South Gloucestershire, she spends much of her time writing and reading and travelling, especially to the Greek Islands which inspire much of her work. Kit writes in several genres including sagas, time-slip and mystery/paranormal. As well as a keen gardener, Kit is also an international acrylic artist.

You can learn more about Kit at her Website and read more about Kit and her books here on her Author Page at You can follow Kit on Twitter or on her Blog.     Kit is published by ThornBerry Publishing.

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  1. Chris Longmuir Says:

    I read this some time ago and it was a lovely book.

  2. Melanie Robertson-King Says:

    I WANT to read this book! I’m torn between ebook or physical format. But it’s definitely on my TBR list and will be moving to the top once I decide if I’m going e or paper.

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