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Kit Domino is a writer, an artist and an occasional poet

Kit says: “Too much imagination is never enough”

Kindle Book Review says of Every Step of the Way: – “From the descriptions and the style of dialogue and language used you are transported back in time; the smells, the music, the clothes and the sounds emit vivid nostalgic images from the `50s with its coffee bars, Teddy boys and Juke boxes spewing out the latest rock and roll hit chart busting hits”.

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Mandy Baggot is a star of both book and TV screen!

Mandy says: “See! TV stars are just normal people really! Pass the tea and caviar!”

Love Reading Love Books says of Public Property: -“A great plot that builds up and really gathers pace with plenty of twists to keep me on the edge of my seat”.

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Miriam Wakerly sets all her modern village novels in a fictional Surrey-Hampshire village

Miriam says: “I felt a need to reach out to people to help foster a better understanding of their current problems and erosion of their culture, but through a page-turner!”

An Amazon Reviewer says of Shades of Applely Green: – “The twist at the end is completely unexpected, totally chilling, and leaves the way for a cliff hanger. If you only read one book this year, make sure this is it. Proof that self-publishing can work, and yield immense talent.”

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Sue Fortin writes romance with a twist of intrigue

Sue says: “When the past and present collide, love is the casualty.”

Me My Books & I says of United State of Love: – “I found myself holding my breath hoping that everything would be ok. This is romance with a twist of intrigue and that meant that I just couldn’t put it down!”

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Harvey Black writes Military Thrillers with his Devils with Wings series

Harvey says: “I served with British Army Intelligence for over ten years and once feared for my life after being dragged from my car and attacked by Russian KGB soldiers”.

An Amazon Reviewer says of Devils with Wings: Silk Drop: – “This book is a cracking read. The battle scenes are one of the authors strengths, fast paced, technical in their execution. I really enjoyed this book”.

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  1. Nicky Wells Says:

    I love this feature, a quickfire highlight of some fabulous reviews for various books. Thanks for putting it together, Janice!

  2. Chris Longmuir Says:

    I agree with Nicky, great feature.

  3. Sheryl Browne Says:

    Snippets of fabulous reviews for fabulous books – what a FABulous idea! Thanks for sharing, Janice! 🙂

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