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A Little Bit of Madness – No rest for the wicked

Today sees the launch of A Little Bit of Madness at loveahappyending – the third of a three-book contract published through Safkhet Publishing. Anyone who has read my previous books would know I like to inject humour into my writing, hoping to provide people a little escapism and also, importantly to me, to leave the […]

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“Here we go again, my lovely!” Launch Day for Sophie’s Run

Come on Tour with Sophie and Dan: Celebrating the Launch of Sophie’s Run “Well, here we are again, my lovely.” Or so the butler, James, addresses Miss Sophie in the classic ten-minute play, Dinner for One. “Same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?” If you don’t know this sketch that amuses thousands of German people […]

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Re-launch of Shades of Appley Green

Who or what inspires your characters? A Whiter Shade of Appley Green! Friends and family often think they recognise my characters. If you are an author, have you found this? An old friend said she could see a lot of me in Kay, the main character in Gypsies Stop tHere and No Gypsies Served. My […]

No pre-conceptions, no experience – want to write!

We’re talking to author Linn B Halton, who is celebrating the launch of Never Alone, her fifth novel in just under two years. We asked Linn about mixing genres and the competition running to celebrate the launch… “The wonderful things about starting something new is that you have no pre-conceptions. So when I sat down […]

Shhh! Mandy Baggot is QUIETLY launching Public Property!

Today, for the first time ever, I am quietly launching a book! Yes, you heard right! Mandy Baggot is quietly launching a new book! This is because this particular launch is more of a thank you than anything else. I’ve had so many readers contact me asking about a sequel to my first novel, Excess […]

The Empress of Australia: A post-war memoir featured author Harry Leslie Smith is an amazing man who has had an amazing life! To say that Harry Smith was born under an unlucky star would be an understatement. Born in England in 1923, Harry began to chronicle the tragic story of his early life in the first volume of his memoirs, 1923: […]

Bells, whistles, flags & banners for Night Watcher

Today Love A Happy Ending author, Chris Longmuir, launches her crime thriller Night Watcher! “This is a day for bells and whistles, flags and banners, and breaking out the champagne. It’s a special day. What makes it so special? Well it’s the launch of my paperback, Night Watcher. Hang on a minute, I can hear […]

Inspiration for Breakfast anyone?

Today Indie Author Richard F Holmes launches his latest book, Inspiration For Breakfast, and now it’s over to Richard himself to tell us all about it. First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to for giving me the opportunity to showcase my latest work. It’s been quite a busy year […]

One Of the Guys and from flip-flops to sweaters

Talking to author Jessica Strassner about her latest novel, out NOW: A lot has happened recently… I have traded my shorts and flip-flops for boots and a heavy wool coat.  And scarves. And gloves. And lots of sweaters. I just moved from Florida to Washington, DC.  Despite the cold, I love it here!  The move […]

Sub-Prime ‘A Dark Tale of Christmas’

This story has a chequered and controversial history. Originally written as ‘A Gift at Christmas’, it was for a competition run by a national newspaper group. Although it won, they would not publish it because they were worried it would distress readers who preferred not to know about life behind the scenes in a turkey […]

Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s finally sinking in that A Kettle of Fish has been published as an e-book, and I’m thrilled with the reviews it has already had. But with a printed edition also on the way, how better to celebrate than imagine how the story could be brought to life on the screen? Big, small, silver or […]

Devils with Wings: Frozen Sun

Fallschirmjager, Grüne Teufel, Green Devils. Devils with Wings: Frozen Sun. The Fallschirmjager qualification badge. I have just finished writing my third novel in the Devils with Wings series, Devils with Wings: Frozen Sun. The Fallschirmjager, after their successful battle taking Crete in only 10 days, are shipped to Poland to partake in Operation Barbarossa, the […]

Embraced by Darlene Jones

Hi, I’m Curtis. Mrs. Jones—that’s her on the camel—put me in one of her books called EMBRACED. Sounds pretty mushy to me. Anyway, she says I have to tell you a little about the story. Miss D, my school principal came to me one day with this page of scribbles. She thought it was some […]

Surfing the virtual waves

Collect your virtual bikinis and join me as I ride high on the virtual waves to celebrate the release of my second novel Surfing in Stilettos by ThornBerry Publishing. It isn’t about real surfing. Heavens above, if you saw me surfing you would realise I know nothing about it. It is however, about a subject […]

This newbie author’s learning curve!

Today I’m celebrating the release of Touched by The Light in ebook format. For me it is  actually MORE exciting than the day it was originally published in hardback only, at £16.99 on 23 February 2011. Ah, I can hear you groan! What WAS I thinking? No one had ever heard of me, I had […]

Knockout, Sub-Prime & now The Chosen

Much of my writing career has involved the commercial short story. My first novel KNOCKOUT! is an unashamed commercial romance. The success of my short SUB-PRIME both in terms of sales, prize winning and critical reception has always surprised me. It is a story from the neglected side of the slave labour market. Since I […]

Launching A Shadow in the Past by Melanie Robertson-King

It’s been a long road, but today we’re helping Melanie Robertson-King celebrate the publication of her debut novel.  Here’s what she had to say: After two successful physical launches, it’s time to take ‘the show on the virtual road’. A Shadow in the Past debuted at the Kansas Book Festival on September 15, 2012 and […]

The Star Child Shines Again

Hello and thanks everyone for allowing me to visit today! It is just fabulous to be a guest again! Today is the release day for The Star Child. Ironically, a little over a year ago, I released The Star Child as a self-published novel. As a new Indie author, I tried to do everything to […]

Orion’s Gift, a captivating novel by Anneli Purchase

Today we’re talking about Anneli Purchase’s latest novel and finding out what inspired this amazing story … “In our travels to Baja California, my husband and I spent several months camping in primitive conditions. Dry camping can be challenging—no electricity, no water, and no grocery store—but by planning ahead, bringing the needed supplies, and being […]

Publication Day: Sophie’s Turn…

…the End of the Long and Winding Road, or Merely the Beginning? Who would have thought? Who would have thought, when I joined this amazing project less than a year ago, that I would sign a publishing contract with a small press publisher in the United States of America only a few short months later? […]

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