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Kit’s Corner

Over the coming months I will be bringing you lots of tips and hints, links and advice on writing and editing, starting with a few excellent websites, blogs and books some of the authors use as a means of reference, and often the first place they turn to when looking for guidance on any […]

A Long and Winding Road – Kit’s Corner

I’ve known Ali Bacon for some years now, when she joined the Bristol Chapter (UK) of the RNA that I used to run, and whilst knowing her well, I knew very little about what inspired her to write or how she began her writing career. Now she is on the verge of being published, I […]

A new face lurking in Kit’s Corner…

I found a new face lurking in Kit’s Corner this month, one of our new members, Carol E Wyer, so thought I would interrogate her before I let her go by asking her a few questions about her writing adventure. So, Carol what drives you to spend days cooped up churning out articles and novels? […]

Kit’s Corner Goes to A Summer Audience

Kit’s Corner moved into a larger space last week into the classroom at the 2012 Summer Audience, where I held my first workshops. This was a new venture for me as I’m not used to speaking in front of strangers but found it wasn’t as daunting as I’d thought. I have for the past five […]

Polishing Your Manuscript to Make it Shine

I’m pleased today to have Sue Fortin back in Kit’s Corner to tell us what happened next with her novel. So it’s straight over to you, Sue. “I last posted here and talked about how my blank sheet of paper had evolved into draft number three. I just wanted to say a bit more about […]

Kit Domino Talks to Herself

Yes, it’s true, I do talk to myself. Quite often. It happens when you’re an author. You spend hours on your own, stuck to your chair feeling as if you’re chained to your desk as you slog away working on your novel. It gets lonely. Hence, rather than risking going mad with no one to […]

Sue Fortin – From a Blank Sheet of Paper to Draft Number Three

This month, featured Author Sue Fortin takes the seat in Kit’s Corner to tell us how she began to write her first novel and about helpful advice she has learned along the way. It was September 2010 when I first sat down to write what was to become French Kissing in the UK. I had […]

Kit’s Corner – Nicky Wells: Part Two

“Doing It All Back To Front…” Last month we enjoyed Nicky regaling us with her journey to becoming published. This month I have asked her back to continue, having left her pushing the GO button and receiving the long awaited message: Your book is awaiting publication.  So, Nicky, what happened next?   Naïve, and naïve […]

Kit’s Corner – talking to Nicky Wells

“Doing It All Back To Front…”  Nicky’s Headlong Stumble into the Heady World of Indie Publishing  This month we say hello to Indie author Nicky Wells and ask her how she started out on the perilous trek to being published. This is how her story began. Publishing attempts… starting age 12 The first time I […]

Janet Beasley’s Bumpy But Fun Off-Road Experience to Publication: Part 1

When I asked fantasy writer, Janet Beasley, if she would share some of her ups and downs as she strives for publication, I realised suddenly here was a lady so full of energy, inspiration and solid determination, it’s hard not to get caught up in her enthusiasm. And so we should! But enough from me; […]

Kit’s corner – new writer Stephanie Keyes (pt 2)

The Star Child Is Growing – This month I caught up with Stephanie Keyes to find out how The Star Child is progressing. This is what she had to say:- “I had planned to find an agent and publish The Star Child conventionally, so my time was split between editing and researching the publication process. […]

Kit’s Corner – new writer Stephanie Keyes

The Star Child Is Born In the Shower Earlier, I caught up with one of our soon-to-be-published writers Stephanie Keyes and asked her how she began her journey to writing her first novel. This is how she caught the writing bug. “It was February 2009, that much I remember. Two years after my father was diagnosed […]

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