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Kit Domino is certainly not new to writing, having been involved in novels and the publishing side of things for most of her working career, in proofreading, copywriting and editing, typesetting, article and report writing etc. To date, she has also written five complete novels with several more in progress or outline. She has spent the last 15 years wishing she could give up the day job and spend all day doing what she loves most – writing. That opportunity presented itself at the end of 2010 when she was made redundant from her office manager/company proofreader post at a large international company.

“What I do find strange,” says Kit, “is that now I have the time to spend all day writing, I haven’t actually written one new word to my current WIP since January! Not because I’m suffering a severe case of writer’s block, quite the contrary, but due to the fact that finding myself at home all day, every day, has presented too many distractions with little or no ‘me’ time to write. The first weeks were plagued with guilt over losing my job as I was the main breadwinner. Then came a period of readjustment as I took the opportunity to springclean the house from top to bottom, a task when working full-time took a back stage. When Spring did arrive, it was time to spend on one of my other pleasures – gardening. And in between trips to Spain to visit family, painting, and generally taking a step back to assess my future, I stumbled across Linn and emerged. So, here I am nine months later and about to immerse myself into another big pond.

My years involved in writing in its various guises have taken in numerous writers’ courses (business and pleasure), conferences, seminars and talks, writing groups and associations, competitions, awards, submissions, dealing with agents, handling rejections and anything else betwixt and between. I have met wonderful people and count several famous, prolific and respected writers as amongst my friends. The generosity, help, guidance and advice everyone has given me over the years is invaluable and in small part, I want to give something back to those starting out on this turbulent and rocky road to being published.

Thus, I am offering my services to the group by helping our unpublished writers (conventionally or self-published) with editing or proofreading or critiquing their first book free of charge, as well as proffering advice and help where I can. In return, all I ask is for new authors to feed back to the group, via my page on this site, their experiences of this road. Perhaps in the form of a diary, telling and sharing what they have achieved, what they have learned or would do differently.

Each month I plan to discuss certain issues of writing and publishing that our unpublished authors may want to know or find useful and give them the opportunity to find answers to any question they may have. Yes, there are plenty of self-help books out there, yes, there is plenty of advice, but often this is contradictory, invariably subjective, but at least here at is a starting point.”


Details of Kit’s normal rates for her services are listed on her blog and website. She has kindly offered reduced rates to members. 

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