Knockout, Sub-Prime & now The Chosen

Much of my writing career has involved the commercial short story. My first novel KNOCKOUT! is an unashamed commercial romance. The success of my short SUB-PRIME both in terms of sales, prize winning and critical reception has always surprised me. It is a story from the neglected side of the slave labour market. Since I wrote it, many revelations have come to public attention and I believe I have profited from that.  My new release, another short story –  THE CHOSEN –  is lighter but contains no artificial or idealised romance.

THE CHOSEN is the playing out of an incident involving a couple of penniless men struggling to get by. Their relationship is complex and their attitudes very different. Behind the scenes there is a love story that dictates the action. It is also an attempt to look hard at our contemporary values and pose some questions.

As much of the success of my first short, SUB-PRIME appears to be due to the inclusion of a free recording of the story, so my new book THE CHOSEN also comes with a free audio track. I have always believed in the spoken word which for me has a greater vibrancy than print alone. Literacy for the masses has a very short history compared to that of the story told around the fire or in a public place. A natural length in terms of attention span is about twenty minutes and this is what I have tried to achieve. There is also the aspect of accent and dialect. I find it very difficult to read speech written in dialect. For this reason THE CHOSEN is written in plain English whereas in fact the two characters have very different accents. Essentially the text and audio versions are entirely different pieces of work. I have been able to call upon the poet Oscar Sparrow to do the recording since he is used to public performance. Personally I love the job he has done.

To play the audio, simply download it from a link to the MP3 file that’s included in the last few pages of the ebook. You can listen on any MP3 device, (iPod etc.) or even on your Kindle – copy it to the Music folder and follow the written words as they are spoken, or just lie back and listen and let Oscar do all the work!

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  1. Nicky Wells Says:

    Huge congratulations again on launching this short story, can’t wait to get reading. X

  2. Janice Says:

    This is so innovative Emma! Wishing you great success. xx

  3. Emma Calin Says:

    Thanks for your kind wishes – it’s all very exciting !

  4. Ali B Says:

    Hi emma – really like this story and must get sorted to hear the audio version. Storytelling is an art initself and listening is something we all need to do.
    Like you I don’t like to see accents transliterated on the page but it would be fun to hear them!
    Ali B

  5. Sheryl Browne Says:

    It is, Ali! Well worth the listen – and easy on the eyes! Loved it! 🙂 xx

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