Lavada Dee has a Sugar & Spice list!

Do you have a list of places you want to visit or of goals you want to attain? One of the first places on my own bucket list was South Africa. It’s amazing what people have already achieved and what further ambitions they have. Each time I interview someone about their bucket list, I find I am adding future projects or destinations to mine and today is no exception. I am delighted to be joined by someone who shares the same passion for travelling as I do – Lavada Dee.

Lavada gained a love of the romance genre from sneaking her mother’s ‘True Confessions’ from under her bed. From a love of reading developed a love of writing and today Lavada has several titles to her name.

This is what she told me about her life, desires and what she would like to achieve before she blinked and missed it…

I started writing when I retired. I didn’t call it a bucket list but I had projects I wanted to do and set about doing them early. First I wanted to climb the professional ladder and chose the computer field, which turned out to be the one to be in and allowed me to retire early.  Then I wanted to open my own business. I opened a bookstore with marginal success. The real benefit was the experience and confidence it gave me.  I wanted to build a house and we did. And I wanted to write stories.  And of course see them published.  Again, I didn’t call it a bucket list more like a life plan.

Have you any other plans for writing, or indeed, any other plans in the near future?

I started out writing contemporary romance and then almost immediately wrote a romantic suspense. Last year I wrote a Christmas anthology with a dear friend and fellow author and we self published it.  This year I have two releases in a four book series, The Blackhawk Brothers, with BookStrand.  I’m happy to say both have made and held the top of their list.

In addition we are putting a print run out for Holiday Magic, the anthology, and I am planning to self publish one or two short Christmas stories.

And, in addition I’m in the process of buying a second home.  It’s in a community, something we’ve never done before.  Eventually I’ll sell this one as with 7 acres and a lot of landscaping it’s getting to be too much and I don’t want to spend all my time with it.

Phew! That sounds exhausting. You mentioned earlier that you had a list of projects rather than a ‘bucket list’. Have you never considered writing out one?

I never have written one.  I try to take each day as it comes.  So far that’s worked as it’s never quiet and certainly not boring around here. And I adhere to Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice of “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

That’s very good advice. (Looking in the mirror each morning scares me enough though.) Have you managed to ‘strike off ‘any of those scary challenges yet?

In fact, all of them but there are always new ones coming along.

If you were to write a list what would you like to put on it?

Umm not sure. I love my life. I try to see things as challenges and not hurdles. We are going to Cancun this year and I really don’t have any place I want to travel to but that could change. Maybe get settled in the new place and purchase a condo in a sunnier place for the winters.  That would be fun to explore.

What have you enjoyed doing most?

Pure enjoyment, probably the travelling. I live in the Pacific NW where I grew up; in fact only a block from where my first school stood. To make up for being sort of stuck in the muds as far as moving around, we have travelled quite a bit with trips to China, New Zealand/Australia, Africa, Central America and Europe.

Can you tell us a little about any of your trips? I love travelling too. I went on safari to Kruger National Park and saw the big five but the most exciting thing was sitting on a termite’s nest!

Actually we did go to Kruger but my favorite trip was the Baltic cruise. It was three weeks and for the first time I wasn’t ready for it to end. We visited Berlin, St. Petersburg, Finland. Seven countries in all. We traveled with a group of friends which made it even better. I do have to say that by the end I’d seen my fill of castles/palaces. My favorite of these was Catherine’s Palace and the Amber Room.

What would you place as top priority on your bucket list if you ever decided to write one?

Ummm, maybe purchasing and setting up a condo in Mexico or Arizona as a winter get away.

In 2009, being tired of international travel, we decided to rent a condo in Lake Havasu Arizona for the month of January.  We loved it so the next year we did the same thing but moved south to Tucson.  After that we put having one on our list.

If money were no object what else would you most want to do before you ‘blink and miss it’?

I’d love to take an extended trip like a year and spend a month or two in England, Spain, and Ireland.  Maybe around the Mediterranean.  I’d need to research where exactly.

The term ‘Bucket List’ can sound quite negative so what would you call your list?

Yes, I saw and loved the movie.  Before that I hadn’t heard the term of if I’d had it went over my head.  Let’s see, “Sugar and Spice List”.

Lavada, thank you very much indeed.  I hope you get that condo. Hubby and I could do with a nice place to come and visit friends over winter!

People’s Top Five ‘Bucket List’ Travel Destinations:

1 – The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

2 – Machu Picchu, Peru

3 – Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

4 – Taj Mahal, India

5 – Galapagos Islands

Further details of destinations above with thanks to PM Press

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  1. Janice Horton Says:

    What a great feature and an interesting interview! Like, Lavada, I think life plan sounds better than bucket list – and I’m right with her on the thought of finding somewhere warm to spend the winter. That would certainly be on my life plan too!

    Janice xx

  2. Carol Wyer Says:

    Thanks Janice. Lavada has the right idea, doesn’t she? I think we should buy a communal shelter for all the loveahappyending people in Florida or somewhere warm 🙂

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