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We’re talking to author Linn B Halton, who is celebrating the launch of Never Alone, her fifth novel in just under two years. We asked Linn about mixing genres and the competition running to celebrate the launch…

“The wonderful things about starting something new is that you have no pre-conceptions. So when I sat down and began writing, my one aim was to see if I could finish a novel-length story. I wrote one, then two … and stopped at five. It took about eighteen months and then it occurred to me I had no idea what I was going to do with these manuscripts. That was nearly three years ago. So I turned to Google.

I think I spent the best part of three months soaking up information about what to do, what not to do and setting up my author platform. When my debut novel was released my website was celebrating it ‘two month’ birthday (really) and I had just joined Twitter and FB for the first time. It’s hard to know where to start when you have a book out there but don’t know anyone. But I learnt from the people I came into contact with, watched what they did and experimented.

What also hadn’t crossed my mind when writing, was that Amazon and other book websites like to categorise you under specific genre headings. Book one was a psychic romance, book two a true story, book three a chick lit (albeit with an older woman figure – but hey, forty is the new twenty), book four was a series of contemporary romance stories spanning all age groups and book five was Never Alone, another psychic romance.

Are my psychic romance books ‘paranormal’? I regard that term as ‘sitting on the edge of your seat’ scary. I think my inclusion is much subtler and for me the romance is always the main focus of the story, the psychic element is secondary. My characters range in ages from twenty something and upwards, so is my genre really contemporary women’s literature? I create characters with real problems and show how they work through the effects of the baggage they carry around with them from the past. I’ve tackled issues such as breast cancer, an old war hero estranged from his family, out of body experiences, relationship disasters – a long list. There is also humour in my stories – which reflect life, love and beyond …

I’m sure other authors have the same dilemma but I wonder what the readers think? Does it matter what category a book sits under, or do you choose your next read driven by the cover (and blurb), title or because you have read the author before?

So to readers and authors alike – if you’ve read any of my books I’d love to hear what categories you think apply – or should I begin one all of my own? Perhaps the heading should be ‘New writer, cross-genre don’t pigeon-hole’. At least it would stand out, as it would be the longest heading on the list!

If you have time join me on my Website, I’m sharing some background information about Never Alone. It’s  not a straightforward story, but that’s a story in itself….”

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Never Alone is a story about a young woman who has doubts she’s on the right path – whether the life she has is the one she wants! Do you have a ‘what if…’ moment? Some point where you had two choices?

Share your ‘what if’ here, on Linn’s website or on any of the participating websites listed over at Fiction Addiction Book Tours for your chance to be a winner!

Join the Twitter/FB party on Friday 18 January at 7pm for spot prizes and lots of fun!

Competition runs from 16 Jan 2013 – 18 Jan 2013 (spot prizes on Twitter #Never Alone) and ‘What if…’ entries via comments to any of the blogs taking part – winners will be announced on 18 February 2013.


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  1. jontybabe Says:

    Fab feature. Good luck with the book. Its amazing! x

  2. Nicky Wells Says:

    Happy launch day, Linn! As a reader of your books (and as a reader generally) I have to say that I don’t put much stock by genre as such. I like to get a feel for what a book is about from the blurb but I feel that ‘cross overs’ are usually spicier and more interesting to read. For example, I loved Sarah in The Restaurant @ The Mill! I can’t wait to get stuck into Never Alone, it sounds amazing and I’m sure I’ll greatly enjoy this latest Linn B Halton romance. Rock on and have a fabulous day!

  3. Linn B Halton Says:

    Thank you JB! Can’t wait to appear on your blog. And thank you Nicky – sometimes things just don’t fall neatly into little boxes …it doesn’t help that I spend most of my time trying to think outside the box anyway ha! ha! Lxx

  4. Kit Domino Says:

    Genre slotting is always a pain but a sad fact of the book business. I guess it’s so the shops know which shelf to put it on! Seriously, though, most books fall into several categories. Lovely giveway, Linn. The winner will be a lucky person. Love the book and good luck with it.
    Kit XX

  5. Linn B Halton Says:

    Thanks Kit! I really do think they need to re-think the categories. It’s also misleading for the readers. Romance covers such a wide range and I feel ‘historical’ romance is quite lucky, as it’s a genre that is obvious. But one of my books reached the top 10 in ‘occult’ on Amazon recently. Even I was put off by that … and I wrote the book! I love the first prize, it’s in a box ready to dispatch…… Lxx

  6. Stephanie Keyes Says:

    I’m glad you weren’t tied to a genre. That’s why your passion comes through in the books. In terms of Paranormal, that’s exactly what I thought of it as. I have to tell you, that line scene terrified me, so you might notbbe off the mark! It’s a wonderful book and I wish you all the best. 🙂

  7. Linn B Halton Says:

    Eek, I consider it light psychic. It’s based on reality, which is often not quite as scary (most of the time) as the Hollywood style ‘scare you to death’ head-spinning stuff.

  8. Ali B Says:

    I think Amazon categories are the bane of my life – I feel there’s a push to writing something that fits when really it should be the other way around! Your book sounds intriguing Linn – off to try my hand at the competition. Ali B

  9. Linn B Halton Says:

    Thanks Ali and I so agree. It’s not helpful to readers either – I really cannot see the harm in broadening the categories to help people ensure they know what they can expect. Good luck!

  10. Joanna (Lazuli Portals Trilogy) Says:

    I really do love the sound of the book, Linn; it’s written for me, I swear! I enjoyed The Quintessential Gemini, but I think I might like this one even more!

    As for genres, I agree it can be difficult to pigeon-hole some books, particularly when they have something ‘different’ about them (which to my mind is a good thing!) I’ve managed to find a slot for ours: Visionary and Metaphysical Fiction! But our work doesn’t come under the ‘romance’ umbrella, so I’ve never examined the various sub-categories that might be available to you. 😉

    What if . . . I had never moved to Devon? I wouldn’t have met my current husband . . . or my co-author/best friend . . . and would never have written our first novel! Some things are just ‘meant to be’!

    Hope the launch continues to go well, and wishing you every success. x

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