Our first birthday and 3 new Authors!

On 29 June 2012 we celebrate our first birthday.  What a year it has been!  Before we tell you all about it, we have three new, smiling faces to add to the website.  Following our Summer Audience reader/author event competition, the judging panel agree all three  were worthy winners, so instead of one newbie we have three. A very warm loveahappyending.com welcome to:

     Ali Bacon                             Emma Calin              and Carol E Wyer

Find out more about our new members from their author pages:

Ali Bacon      Emma Calin     Carol E Wyer

We are excited to have such talented, motivated and enthusiastic new authors to join the group, which has become a writing family.  But how did that happen?  If you consider that we are spread far and wide, what’s the story?

We began with a small hand-picked group of Authors who all had one shared passion – their writing.  To select the group it soon became clear that it didn’t matter where they were based geographically, or their writing genre, it was about the passion – the commitment and sheer determination to succeed.  Whether that was by self-publishing, traditional publishing or any mix in between – that wasn’t really relevant.  You see, when you have a passion normal rules don’t apply, you see no barriers.

A Summer Audience was a way of celebrating the sheer diversity of the group. It was a one-day event, but we could have filled a week-long festival with interesting workshops and talks, as the UK contingent were brimming with ideas.  Whilst only one of our overseas authors, Stephanie Keyes, was able to fly in (from Pittsburgh, US) she was an icon – she represented the other half of our amazing and talented group who were with us in spirit, gazing down from the display boards and in the handouts.  In practice every single member – whether author or associate reader – had contributed to make the event a success.  As a group each helped to spread the word and support in so many ways.  People offered up their skills to help out – some were experienced speakers, some could offer workshops, some helped collating information or checked handouts.

Although half of the group are based in the UK, we are spread from bonnie Scotland, right down to the south coast.  Coming together (17 authors plus Associates Louise Graham and Kim Nash) was a very sentimental moment – we realised we really were a writing family.  As we welcome our three newest members, it’s a wonderful way to mark our birthday.  When we began we had no idea if anyone would come to visit us – as at 27 June 2012 our website hit counter stands at an amazing 750,059.  So this birthday celebration is really about YOU, people who drop by to find out what our team is doing – to see who is in the news as our authors each reach the next milestone in their careers.

A big thank you from all of our members for supporting us throughout our first year.  We have no idea what our second year will bring, but we can promise you surprises, success and the buzz of a group whose passion knows no bounds!

Our Authors:-

Adair (Vickie) from Texas,  USA – Sci-fi, poetry, childrens
Bacon (Ali) from Bristol, UK – Contemporary fiction
Baggot (Mandy) from Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK – Romance
Black (Harvey) from UK – War thrillers
Browne (Sheryl) from Droitwich, UK – Contemporary women’s fiction
Calin (Emma) Romsey, UK – Contemporary fiction
Carey Jones (Owen) from Leeds, UK – Thriller
Dee (Lavada) from Olympia, Washington, USA – Contemporary women’s fiction
Domino (Kit) from Gloucestershire, UK – General women’s fiction
Fortin (Sue) from Bognor Regis, UK – Contemporary women’s fiction
Grace (Harriet) from London, UK – Contemporary women’s fiction
Halton (Linn B) from Arlingham, Gloucestershire, UK – Psychic/astrologic themed contemporary
Hart (Helen) from Bristol,UK – Childrens’/young adult
Holmes (Richard) Tetbury, Gloucestershire, UK – Spiritual/self-help
Horton (Janice) from Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland, UK  – Contemporary women’s fiction
Howell (Lauren) from Pennsylvania, USA – YA fantasy
Johnson (Sue) from Pershore, Worcestershire, UK – Romance; short stories; poetry
Jones (Tricia) from Bath UK – Contemporary romance
Jones (Darlene) from Vancouver Island, Canada – Sci-fi
Keyes (Stephanie) from Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, USA – YA Fantasy
Kikogne (Lun) from California, USA – Sci-fi/fantasy
Longmuir (Chris) from Montrose, Scotland, UK – Dark crime; historical saga
Purchase (Anneli) from Vancouver Island, Canada – Adventure
Sands (Patricia) from Toronto, Canada – Contemporary womens’ fiction
Smith (Harry Leslie) from Toronto/Portugal/Bridlington, UK – Memoir WWII
Strassner (Jessica) from Sarasota, Florida, USA – Contemporary women’s fiction
Trachtenberg (Bonnie) from New York, USA – Contemporary women’s fiction
Wakerly (Miriam) from Surrey, UK – Contemporary women’s fiction
Wells (Nicky) from Bristol, UK – Romance
Wyer (Carol E) Staffordshire, UK – Humorous women’s fiction

and Our Associate Readers:-

by name, location and their outlet for reviewing

Ananda from Macedonia –  Own book review website
Broadhurst (Sarah) from Worcester, UK – Own book review website
Bywater (Nikki) from Cheshire, UK – Own book review website
Donovan (Cara) from  St Helens, UK – Own book review website
Gentles (Lindsay) from Ontario, Canada – Own book review website
Graham (Louise) from Pontypridd, Wales, UK – Own book review website
Healy (Lindsay) from Cambridgeshire, UK – Own book review website
Jontybabe from UK – Own book review website
Livbet from Southampton, UK – Reader/reviewer
Livingston (Susan) from Maryland,  USA – Own book review website
Nash (Kim) from Staffordshire, UK – Own book review website
Robertson-King (Melanie) from Ontario, Canada – Own author/review website
Seaton (Laura) from UK – Own book review website
Sinfield (Rea) from Orpington, Kent, UK – Own book review website
Taylor (Sarah) from UK – Reader/writer/reviewer
Vassan (Anjana) from India – Own book review website
UKTreasureTrove – Own book review website

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  1. Miriam Wakerly Says:

    It is quite extraordinary that Love a Happy Ending has grown so fast in just one year! When you see this summary and the lists of people involved it really strikes home how well established and how vibrant it is. Welcome, Ali, Emma and Carol, to a fantastic team!

  2. Mandy Baggot Says:

    Happy Birthday to us on 29th!!! Pass the bubbles and the cake!! Thank you Linn for collating us all together and making the group as successful as it’s become! Onwards and upwards for us all I say! And a special big thank you to all our lovely associate readers – you are amazing!

    Mandy xx

  3. The Editor Says:

    A huge thank you to all of the team at loveahappyending.com for making it such an exciting year! The biggest ‘thank you’ though has to go to the wonderful visitors and we are still totally stunned at the amazing response we’ve had. Life isn’t all happy endings and our novels can’t always have a happy ending – but life is what you make it and escaping into a story can transport you to another place for a short while when you want to ‘get away’.

    Our happy ending is all about commitment, hard work and realising our dream as writers. However, it’s READERS who have the POWER to choose a new name, next time they pick up a book … the THANK YOU goes to YOU!

  4. Melanie Says:

    Woo hoo! Happy Birthday LAHE! You’ve done an amazing job, Linn. Kudos to you.

  5. Jess Says:

    Welcome, ladies! Happy Birthday to us and LAHE! Linn, you’re amazing!

  6. Emma Calin (@EmmaCalin) Says:

    Such an honour to join the gang. Thanks!

  7. Nicky Wells Says:

    Happy Birthday, love a happy ending–and a huge big Thank You to Linn for giving birth to this amazing project. I wouldn’t be without my writing family and I’m so happy to be part of this exciting group. Love you all–and love our fabulous readers. Bubbly all round, methinks! xx

  8. Chris Longmuir Says:

    Happy birthday, LAHE, and a great big welcome to our newbies, and great to see the family gathered in one place.

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