Surfing the virtual waves

Collect your virtual bikinis and join me as I ride high on the virtual waves to celebrate the release of my second novel Surfing in Stilettos by ThornBerry Publishing.

It isn’t about real surfing. Heavens above, if you saw me surfing you would realise I know nothing about it. It is however, about a subject I know very well, internet surfing, along with the perils and pleasures that can arise from being on social networking sites. Be prepared for surprises and twists along with a generous dose of humour.

The action takes place in the beautiful Tarn and Garonne area of South West France, in a fictitious hamlet which bears a striking resemblance to one where I skulk regularly and write my novels.

I fell in love with the area years ago and we owned a holiday cottage near St Antonin Noble Val for over a decade. After selling up, we discovered that we missed going to that part of France and so now we rent a gite every year to enjoy the relaxed pace of life and pains aux raisins.

An area renowned for its stunning scenery, breath-taking gorges and beautiful medieval villages it drew attention to itself in 2011 when the film Charlotte Grey starring Cate Blanchett was shot here. (I was invited to be one of the extras in the film but instead chose to hang around and gawp at all the actors.)

 Surfing in Stilettos captures a typical French way of life that still exists in that region and tells the amusing tale of Amanda Wilson, a woman determined to enjoy herself, who finds herself abandoned in this region with only a cellar of wine, an old dog and a Space Hopper to keep her company.

Her life won’t be quiet for long though, particularly after she makes friends with the mysterious Bibi Chevalier and an old flame attempts to make amends for his past mistakes. Add into the mix pole dancing, wild parties, a mother who is causing havoc in Cyprus and a stalker who has become fixated with Amanda. What could possibly go wrong?

What some readers have said:

 “Giggles galore – enjoy!

Very very funny and down to earth.

Next time you’re feeling a little bit down in the dumps, don’t go to the doctor or reach for a happy pill, read this book.

…you are never far away from the next laugh and laugh I did.

…will make you laugh out loud whilst sobbing into a tissue!

An extract from Surfing in Stilettos:

Todd Bradshaw lay exhausted in bed. The sheets were jumbled together on the floor. Sunlight streamed through his condominium window, which had an enviable view overlooking the coast at Hawk’s Bay. He had rediscovered paradise. In his arms lay his first true love, Amanda Wilson. He had not been this blissful since the last time he had held her. Admittedly, she was older. There were some lines around her eyes, and her body was softer and a fraction rounder, but that ­made her even more delectable.

He recalled the afternoon of passion they had just savoured. Age had had an agreeable effect on her. She had matured in many ways and was far more confident about her body than she had been all those years ago when he had first known her. Where had she learned to do that thing with an ice cube?

Amanda opened a sleepy eye and smiled up at him. The laughter lines accentuated a little, making her look even more appealing and full of mischief.

“What are you staring at?” she asked huskily.

“You,” replied Todd, tenderly tucking a stray hair back behind her ear and admiring the gleam that shone in her green eyes. “Shall I go and get some more ice cubes?” he asked.

She placed her hand behind his head and guided him towards her, kissing him fervently. She still had that power over him. Thirty years and more than double that number of women had been and gone from his bed since he had last been with her, but it seemed as if the years hadn’t passed at all. What a fool he had been to wait this long to reclaim her.

Reawakened with desire, he ran his hands over her soft, smooth skin. His hands travelled past her firm, round buttocks and onto the tops of her legs. She panted hard. That wasn’t right. In fact, the more he thought about it, the more he realised none of this was right. Her skin wasn’t very smooth at all. Actually, it was quite hairy. Gosh, she had really let herself go! Had she stopped waxing her legs? The panting was getting more urgent and louder in his right ear. His ardour receded rapidly. Yuck! Was that slobber?

Todd Bradshaw woke with a jolt. The television was still showing the same football match he had started to watch half an hour ago when he had dozed off. Digit, his cattle dog, was asleep next to him, panting and drooling in his ear. Todd shrugged the heavy dog off and stared at the figures running about on the screen. What was the matter with him? In recent weeks he had been dreaming nightly about Amanda, but now the fantasies were spilling over into the day.

He really should forget her…

Surfing in Stilettos released by ThornBerry Publishing, is priced at £1.99 and available on Amazon UK and AMAZON US

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  1. Nicky Wells Says:

    Congrats, Carol, on a fantastically awesome launch extravaganza. You totally rock and I hope you sell millions, gazillions! XX

  2. Janice Says:

    Congratulations Carol – this book sounds fantastic fun – and just what we need to hang onto the summer for a bit longer while sitting by the fire!

  3. Ali B Says:

    Congratulations Carol – I really must get your book out from under so that it’s on top of my TBR pile. sounds like such a blast.

    Ali B

  4. Miriam Wakerly Says:

    Am reading Surfing in Stilettos now – just getting into it – making me smile already …

  5. Melanie Robertson-King Says:

    Congrats, Carol! This book sounds like such fun read, I have to get it. Cheers!

  6. Sheryl Browne Says:

    I love your wit. I love your FAB blog (and how you are always ready to support other authors through it!). I’m loving the sound of Surfing in Stilettos! Tonight I shall give in to my desire for a huge dollop of satisfying humour and indulge! GOOD LUCK, Carol! 🙂 xx

  7. Stephanie Keyes Says:

    Carol, you are just such a rock star. Can’t wait to read your book!

  8. Carol Wyer Says:

    You are a fantastic group of people who have made me feel very welcome.
    Thank you for all your fantastic support and of course a whopping thanks to Linn without whom none of this could happen.
    I really hope you all enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it. When you sob or laugh at your own book you know it’s got to be okay!
    Thank you everyone xxx

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