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The moment of truth. Can a group of people who share a passion, pull together to produce an e-magazine?

Well, I have to say the answer is a definitive ‘yes’ and we have been raising a toast to our newest arrival.

For those of you who have followed the Loveahappyending journey, you will know that we launched on 29 June, 2011. We were a group of writers from the UK, US and Canada, who met on Twitter. Author Stephanie Keyes (who now has two books published, but way back then had half a manuscript) told an amusing little story in a recent radio interview with Cultural Cocktail’s Janice G Ross. When I began ‘talking’ to Stephanie on Twitter she thought I was a mad woman and a stalker! Well, I admit to the mad bit (I’m a Gemini – I say no more) but stalker? I prefer to say that my intuitive instinct (which is very strong – that’s why I write psychic romance) was telling me Stephanie not only had passion, but commitment. Others in the group were very newly published and some recently self-published. What we all shared was a passion – for writing AND life.

Good ideas abound, but turning an idea into something tangible takes commitment, hard work and PASSION to get you through those late nights and early mornings…

Have we inspired others? Well, again the answer to that is a definitive ‘yes’. As a group we held an event in the UK in June 2012 (and yes, Stephanie and her lovely husband flew over from the US). We talked about our passion – not just for books, but writing in general. One lady in the audience went away and began writing her first manuscript. She kept in touch and I was privileged to assist with her first round of edits. Last week Heartfelt designed her first book cover and it will launch in the autumn.

However, two years is a long time in terms of the world of publishing and we are proud that the focus and format of our websites (LLm and The Bookshelf) has continued to evolve. From talking about our journey as new writers and new authors (sharing highs, lows and wheels re-invented), we realised that we had much more to say! We had hobbies and interests, knowledge gained in our past careers and we were full of ideas…that’s why we were writers!

The big change came in February 2013, when Loveahappyending became Loveahappyending Lifestyle magazine. When I initially proposed the idea to the group they didn’t run screaming, they took the idea and they ran with it. Since that time we’ve published a wide range of articles featuring things as diverse as film reviews, a DIY mirror project in a bathroom, to our regular relationship advice column.

Our ‘new’ writers have moved on – most now have more than one book out there, some half a dozen. Some have signed with publishers, others remain self-pubbed and some have joined the growing throng of authors taking both routes. What we have proven is that if you have passion, determination and you are prepared to work very hard, then you can follow your dream! Even in two short years…

Along the way we’ve gained some wonderful new friends…guest writers who bring their own style and topics to keep readers coming back for more. As our flip-page e-magazines develop, we will all keep doing our very best to bring you interesting articles, features and interviews. Things we hope will inspire, inform, or help you to sit back and relax whilst you read.

There is no “I” in Team… From you, the reader, keeping our hit counter clicking (YOU motivate US), to the guest writers, editorsauthor members and wonderfully professional book reviewers (who prove ‘reader power’ is real)- we are all one BIG TEAM.

Before the virtual ink is dry on Issue no. 1, Issue no. 2 is being pulled together – so click on the cover and check it out…it’s also available on the “issuu” website:

 Here’s raising our glasses to the next two years…we can’t wait to see what happens. And thank YOU for being a part of it!


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